Candidates who meet the following eligibility requirements are warmly invited to apply to the Indian Ocean Exchanges program.


  • Open to graduate students and early and mid-career scholars and professionals, with an emphasis on emerging and junior researchers. The ideal candidate will have conducted graduate-level work, at the MA or PhD level, but a PhD is not required.
  • Specialization in art, architectural, and/or urban history, visual studies, material culture studies, historical archaeology, museum, or heritage studies. Those from art history’s allied disciplines – such as history and anthropology – will be considered if they can provide evidence of engagement with the field of art history.
  • The ideal candidate will be affiliated with an institution based in the Indian Ocean world. Those who are conducting research on the Indian Ocean and are based elsewhere will also receive consideration, although the strong preference is for individuals who sustain enduring professional connections to the region.
  • Proposal of a viable research project related to Indian Ocean art history, 1500-1900. The project may be part of an ongoing or completed thesis or dissertation.
  • Willingness to cultivate new skills of research, to participate in online sessions, and to travel internationally.
  • Openness to transnational, cross-cultural, and collaborative approaches to research. 
  • Research-level facility in English, along with proficiency in one of the languages spoken around the rim of the Indian Ocean (including, but not limited to Arabic, Persian, Swahili, Bahasa Malay or Indonesian, and any of the languages of South Asia).


  • To learn more about Indian Ocean Exchanges, please consider attending the open information session. This is an opportunity to hear more details about the program and to ask questions. Anyone who is interested is invited to attend. The timings were arranged to suit the schedules of potential candidates from the Indian Ocean region.
  • Date and time: Monday March 29, 2021 at 8 am EDT New York | 3 pm EAT Mombasa | 4 pm GST Doha | 5:30 pm IST Mumbai | 8 pm SGT Singapore
  • Registration is required: Register via Zoom


Submit your application by April 9, 2021.