Writing from the Water: New Perspectives in Indian Ocean Art Histories

Image of tall city buildings in the distance with blue-green water in the foreground
Doha Skyline, taken from the Museum of Islamic Art. May 2022. Photograph by Simon Mwaniki.

Essays on Indian Ocean material, visual, and built cultures by participants in the Indian Ocean Exchanges program

Co-Editors: Prita Meier and Nancy Um
Digital Content Manager: Lidia Ferrara

Table of Contents

‘All Scholarship is Social’: On the Futures of Indian Ocean Art History
Nancy Um and Prita Meier

Traversing the Indian Ocean: A Tale of Two Textiles
Vidhita Raina

A Fascination with Birds – The Parrot Motif on some Chinese Yue Ware from the Cirebon Wreck
Simone Struth

The Maritime Trade of Chinese and European Ceramics in the Indian Ocean: The Role of Mozambique Island in International Exchanges
Celso Simbine

Simon and the kasuari
Gitanjali Pyndiah

A dallah for all? Unexpected Emblems for the Indian Ocean
Helina Gebremedhen

Sacred Grave, Sacred Grove: Keramat Kusu Island as Sacred Forest
Faisal Husni

The Daka of Lamu
Dhaval Chauhan

Read the Introduction: “‘All Scholarship is Social’: On the Futures of Indian Ocean Art History” by
Nancy Um and Prita Meier >